FAQ: Payments & Account Settings

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FAQ (1) : Getting Paid


How do I get paid?

Please login to Criya -> Finance -> Setup Direct Deposit. This will setup all payments to be directed to your bank account. 

Does Criya take any cut from my earnings?

NO HIDDEN FEES!!! Criya does not take any part of your earnings. We use Stripe to securely process all payments. Stripe has a standard credit card payment processing fees listed on their website.

How do I setup my Direct Deposit?

Go to your Settings and click on "Settings" -> "Finance" -> connect your Bank account to Stripe. This will allow Criya to securely disburse payouts for your services.

In case you get stuck in the process, please send us a message. We automatically create a payment Dashboard for you on Stripe, you can easily go here to make any corrections to your Address, Bank info etc.

Is the payment issued immediately or on a cadence?

As long as your bank account is connected, you will receive your payment almost instantly, at most within 24 hours

Can my client pay via PayPal or Venmo?

Currently, we process payments via Stripe which supports credit card. For our speed of service and keeping our Criyator's security in mind, clients today can pay via credit card which gets processed securely via Stripe, without the Criyator having to share their bank or any other personal details.

Do I have to use Stripe or can I hook up my own Payment processor?

We've simplified payments to the point where you simply need a bank account that can receive direct deposits. You don't need Stripe or any other payment processor associated. By following the steps on our setup, we automatically connect your bank account with a Stripe account created for you - and all payouts are automatically disbursed to your connected bank account.

What if I already use Stripe? Can I connect it to Criya?

Yes! If you are an existing Stripe user, when you go to Settings-> Banking, you will be able to choose the option to connect your own Stripe account with Criya.

FAQ (2): Account Settings


Can I change my <mybusiness>.criya.co URL?
Yes, once you've signed up, you can change your personalized URL anytime you like, as long as it is available.

How to cancel my subscription?
Simply drop us a message in our Help Center or email us at hello@criya.co

Where do I change my password?
Once you login, click on your name in the Navigate bar, and click on Manage Account to update your Name & Password.

I have a typo in my Email, what do I do?

If you accidentally typed an email address with a typo, you won't receive any communication from your clients or from Criya. We highly recommend you quickly correct this by going to this link and updating your Email address: https://accounts.criya.co/user/account/email-addresses

Who can launch their studio on Criya?

Criya is best suited for solopreneurs or side hustlers who are looking to offer services to their clients.

Anyone can launch their studio on Criya as long they are:
- At least 18 years old, in the US or Canada
- Have a valid bank account 

Where can I setup my Calendar availability & Out of office / vacation?

Flexible scheduling of client sessions, vacation mode and availability setup, fully integrated with your calendar

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